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STKDBRGR started as an idea way back in 2015 on a beach in Thailand. Still have the napkin where we wrote everything down on, somewhere.

We started doing Pop-Up events in 2018 and from that eventually opened our wee burger shop in our hometown of Bangor in 2021.

We are a small team but we are a friggin dedicated one, and we make pretty much everything on our menu ourselves, daily. We do it all ourselves.

All our Sauces are vegan as standard and we have a vegan veggie option for everything, almost.

We have a green agenda, with two short STKDS running about we need to think about the craic,

all our energy is as green as it can be, all our packing is fully compostable, and NONE of our waste goes to landfill




We have an extensive and pretty fe*kin sweet Vegan menu. We make ALL our vegan products in house.

Aye... that's vegan that there.


Our burgs are best served straight off the plate so we recommend grabbing a collection or sitting in. 

We offer a delivery service on the evenings for anyone who needs that fix at home.

We deliver in Bangor, Ards and the Dee.

Smashy juicy messy messiness.

We spent years messing around with different cuts of beef to create the perfect blend for our wee smashers.

Always best served as a double.

Can't beat it

Craic lads!? Tag us #STKDPACK
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Location & Hours

12 Abbey Street, Bangor

BT20 4JA

mon & tues - CLOSED

wed & thur - 1700 to 2100

fri - 1500 to 2200

sat - 1500 to 2200

sun - 1500 - 2100



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